Ceremonies of Love and Beauty.

I invite you to share the most sacred moments of your life together in the beautiful mountain community of Sun Valley, in central Idaho. Sun Valley is known for its world famous skiing in the winter and its glorious mountain and outdoor beauty in the summer. I have been performing ceremonies for couples of all faiths and beliefs in the Sun Valley area since l980.

Together we can create a wedding service that reflects your own personal feelings. A ceremony that gracefully weaves your beliefs, your dreams, and your love together, in a way that will be remembered by both of you for the rest of your lives.

The Sun Valley area offers you endless choices for the wedding of your dreams. The Sun Valley Resort has luxurious facilities, beautiful log lodges, elegant banquet rooms and the romantic Trail Creek Cabin. The surrounding area and the city of Ketchum offer quaint Inns, excellent dining, world class golf courses, and an array of choices along with the fabulous natural settings of Idaho...mountains, lakes, meadows, and rivers. I will be happy to recommend local providers to assist you with designing this day, the most memorable day of your life.

Performing Personal Services that Truly Represent the Shared Love and Beliefs of Each Couple.
"Your wedding ceremony is a celebration of the joining of the two of you in love, joy, friendship and commitment. Whether it is witnessed by hundreds of friends or by the majestic silence of the great outdoors, this is the most important day of your life. From this day forward, you are a participant in a relationship of two. The way in which you celebrate this event is sacred and personal. Your wedding day is truly your own...it is a rare and beautiful day."
Wendy is an inspirational speaker. She performs special 'life affirming' services for all occasions. Her goal as your minister is to provide the service that truly represents your love, your commitment to each other, and your shared dreams, while honoring the beliefs that are important to both of you.

Have your ceremony...

  • on a mountain top
  • on a golf course
  • in a meadow
  • in a lodge
  • on a sleigh
  • in a forest
  • in a plane
  • by a river
  • in the sun
  • by a fire
  • on skis
  • in a canoe
  • on a horse
  • in the snow
  • with your dog
  • on ice skates
  • in a grand ballroom

Treasure the memory always. Have fun, play and relax with your loved one.

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